Storm Damage Tree Service

After a storm, you can count on unLIMBited’s 24/7 emergency services for the removal and cleanup of any worrisome tree damage or debris. Our licensed arborist and highly trained technicians can quickly assess your property and recommend the best steps for the tree safety and health of your yard or commercial area, ensuring timely and expert results for your green space.

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Storm Damage Tree Removal

Safely Attend to the Aftermath of a Storm

A storm can wreak havoc on your property, making fallen trees or limbs a hazard to your home or workplace. unLIMBited offers a range of storm damage tree services, including tree removal. Tree removal can be a very dangerous job, one that is best left to professionals. We understand the value of making informed, proactive decisions, eliminating any seen or hidden dangers from ruined trees.

We take pride in lending our over 15 years of experience to providing safe, affordable means to take care of the aftereffects of a storm. Before removing a tree, below are some things you might consider:

  • Is the tree in danger of landing on your home or building? Or worse yet, people?
  • Has the tree lost large branches or been acutely damaged?
  • Is the tree uprooted or tilting dangerously?
  • Is the tree affecting (or an eyesore to) any of the surrounding areas or other trees?

We utilize manual climbers and aerial bucket crews to accomplish any project. For a free estimate on storm damage tree removal, please contact us at 443-517-6881

Storm Damage Tree Cleanup

Make Damage and Debris Our Problem, Not Yours

If a storm has left you with a yard full of destruction, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start to regain order. unLIMBited’s trusted tree care professionals can take care of carefully and efficiently evaluating the difference between minor and major damage, and what should be removed versus what can be salvaged. We can also help you identify the appropriate treatments to maintain your yard in a safe manner in case of future storms, all while adding aesthetic beauty and value to your property.

Cleanup issues we can address include:

  • Downed or entangled trees or broken stumps
  • Heavy or broken branches on the ground
  • Hanging or diseased, weakened limbs or torn bark

For additional information on storm damage and tree cleanup, please contact us at 443-517-6881.

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Emergency Tree Services

Open seven days a week with 24-hour emergency service, even in the harshest of conditions.

Locally owned and operated since 2001, our Maryland tree professionals can provide you with storm damage services as well as:

tree fell on roof during winter storm
  • Free estimates
  • Tree removal and tree takedowns
  • Tree trimming, pruning, and general care
  • Stump grinding and other tree issues

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