Tree Trimming in Maryland

Why prune? There are many aspects of pruning and trimming depending on the objective. Unlimbited Tree Service provides all pruning in accordance with ANSI A300 (Part I) 2001 pruning standards. All pruning must be completed by a Maryland State Tree Expert.

Pruning work is performed to reduce the original size of a canopy by reducing limb length and tree height. Generally 10-15% of a canopy’s foliage can safely be removed benefiting the overall health of a tree. “Topping” is not a recommended practice and will lead to the death of your tree. This happens by reducing photosynthesis and the amount of food stored by the tree. The improper pruning of a tree such as “topping” produces unexpected outcomes after years of corrective pruning.

Structural Pruning is completed mainly to reduce competing stems or branches and to gain the appropriate shape.

Pruning to Clean a crown would include the selective removal of dead, diseased, detached and broken limbs or branches to reduce injury and decay.

Pruning to Thin the crown of the tree will reduce crown density which retains crown shape, maintains a balanced crown distributions and increases interior sunlight and air movement. This pruning maintains interior foliage and promotes branch taper.

Pruning to Raise a crown is performed to improve a view or achieve clearance with benefits of reduction of damage to the tree through stress or cracks.

Pruning to Restore is the restoration of damage from “topping” by selective removal and reduction of branches, sprouts and stubs. This type of pruning is required over a period time by a certified arborist in your area.