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Preferred Firewood Provider in Glen Burnie

We Supply Firewood to Glen Burnie

Unlimbited Tree Service Inc. offers comprehensive tree services to Glen Burnie, MD, including tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree care, and mulch. An ancillary benefit of our all-encompassing passion for trees is the abundance of firewood we have available to you. Firewood is a great resource to help you warm your home, reduce your energy consumption, and prepare for weather emergencies, among other advantages. We offer multiple types of firewood options to ensure you remain warm and cozy all winter long.

We Offer Several Firewood Options

At Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc., we are committed to serving Glen Burnie, MD, and strive to make firewood an option for everyone in our community. We have several options to provide firewood to our neighbors, regardless of budget:

  • Mixed Hardwood Chunked: We offer this option free-of-charge to individuals who can pick it up and take it to their homes. However, if you cannot retrieve or haul it, we will deliver this type of firewood to you for a fee. Please call us for delivery pricing!
  • 1/2 Mixed Hardwood, 12-20″: We will supply this type of firewood for $100 plus a reasonable delivery fee.
  • Cord Mixed Hardwood, 12-20″: We can provide cord mixed hardwood firewood for $200 plus a reasonable delivery fee.

Improve Your Standard of Living

Firewood has countless benefits that are not offered by conventional heating or energy sources. Firewood provides radiant heat to keep you warm in the winter without having to worry about skyrocketing energy bills that would otherwise accompany a Glen Burnie, MD cold spell. Additionally, firewood is carbon neutral, which makes burning it environmentally-friendly. Furthermore, with a handy supply of firewood, which can be easily stored, you will always be prepared in case of a weather- or home-related emergency that causes the temperature in your home to plummet.

Provides Ambiance to Your Home

Firewood is a tried and true method to warm your home. Wood heat will permeate throughout your living area and offer a soothing relief from the bitter cold just outside your Glen Burnie, MD home. The radiant heat and ambiance delivered from a wood-burning stove or fireplace will improve your comfort level and provide a calming aura. Firewood burning in the fireplace can help create the perfect setting for enjoying a book, meal, or the company of a loved one.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

Using firewood to warm your living space can drastically improve your home’s energy efficiency. The heat emanated from a wood-burning fire will allow you to reduce or eliminate the stress you put on your HVAC system during those cold winter nights, resulting in less energy consumption. Wood is already one of the more cost-effective ways to heat your home, but your dollar is stretched even further when you can shrink your monthly utility bills significantly.

The Environmentally-Friendly Choice

Burning firewood gathered by Unlimbited Tree Service Inc. is a carbon neutral practice, meaning it will not contribute to overall global warming. Firewood leaves a much smaller carbon footprint than the use of coal or oil to supply energy to heat your home. With proper treatment, firewood will burn cleanly and will not pollute the air when used in fireplaces. Burning firewood releases an equal amount of carbon dioxide as that same wood would emit on the forest floor.

Wood-Burning Appliances Become an Option

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has lauded wood-burning appliances, such as stoves, for being up to 50% more energy-efficient than their alternatives and saving users money, time, and resources. Using firewood to fuel wood-burning appliances will help you feed your family without having to increase your electricity use.

Helping To Prepare for Emergencies

When ice and snow from a cold snap result in downed power lines and outages across Glen Burnie, MD, having stored firewood from Unlimbited Tree Service Inc. will keep you warm despite the freezing temperatures outside. Storing firewood will prepare you for weather or electrical emergencies that could strike at any time. Being able to warm your living room or cook a meal on your wood-burning stove will be a priceless perk.

Call Unlimbited Tree Service Inc. to Learn More

Whether you want to prepare for desperate times, lower your utility bills, or merely warm your living room for a snug evening at home, you will benefit from our firewood options at Unlimbited Tree Service Inc.

Call today so we can arrange your firewood pickup or delivery in Glen Burnie, MD right away!


Best Friend, Cousin, Contractor


Unlimbited Tree Service worked alongside of Rick Hynson when it came to handling trees. He was our main source for firewood sales. Rick would take the wood from our sites, cut it, split it, and deliver it to our customers. He always welcomed truck loads of wood no matter how high that stack of logs got. He cut the logs by himself and sat on the log splitter for days at a time. He helped out on-site whenever a hand was needed and also plowed snow to offset his income with the ever plummeting economy.


About Rick Hynson

He was a proud father of 4 kids but always found time to lend a helping hand to whoever needed it whenever they called. He loved to work, loved to play, and if you wanted to have a good time, you called Rick. Rick was not only a cousin but he was that one person you called when you were having a bad day.

On Sunday August 30, 2009 Rick was crabbing in his boat around Marley creek, like he did every weekend, when he was tragically struck by another boat. This boating accident ended Ricky’s life, but not his memory. Every time a client calls for wood, it reminds me that there is a missing link which can never be replaced. He will always be missed and lives on in everyone whose lives he touched.


We at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc. will be asking for donations for all of our free hardwood logs which are delivered to you at no cost. The wood comes straight from the job site and will need to be cut and split. We are also donating monies resulting from our firewood sales to Rick’s son to assist in the family’s needs.

**We ask that in return for our services you make a donation to help Rick’s children**
**Please call for donation information (410) 734-2249**