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Environmentally friendly mulch made from removed earth and plant matter

Mulch in Maryland

We all know the saying “you are what you eat.” Over the years, this age-old adage has proven time and again to be true, as science has made countless discoveries linking diet to overall health. In fact, this saying applies to more than just humans. Trees, vegetables, and other flora all benefit from proper diets. Sunlight, water, and nutrients are all essentials for plants of any kind to live happy and healthy. Here at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc., we take that saying to heart for the trees and other plants we care for. That’s why we proudly create our own environmentally friendly mulch for use in the yard and in the garden. Not only are our mulch great for plants of all kinds — they’re also made from recycled tree materials obtained from tree removal and trimming projects. Read on to learn more about our high-quality, competitively priced mulch and contact our Maryland team at (443) 787-3032 today!

Insulate and defend

The benefits of mulch

Mulch has several benefits for plants of all kinds. Mulch is beneficial because it insulates the soil and defends it against damaging heat and cold spells. (Mulch also retains water to keep plant roots moist, and hinders weed growth to guard against root competition.)



If you’re like most property owners in need of tree removal, you’re probably sad to see your tree go. After all, it spent all that time growing and provided those on your property with shade, privacy, and beautiful views throughout the years. Even necessary tree trimming can be quite sad, as many folks don’t like to see their trees reduced in size. However, with our tree team here at Unlimbited Tree Service, Inc., both of these services have a sizeable silver lining. That’s because we proudly recycle all tree removal and tree trimming debris and repurpose it as mulch for use in your yard. That way, we help you go green and help your tree live on in the best way possible. You can learn more about the many great benefits of our mulch below.

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